Sunday, April 3, 2011

land of enchantment

aidan and i are back from gorgeous new mexico as of last monday. it was an epic journey, filled with camping and climbing (at times precarious), some delicious brews, hidden hot springs, tasty cheap mexican food, the largest margarita menu i've ever seen, and a cozy little hostel in albuquerque that felt like home after just a few days. i was really jazzed about the international folk art museum in santa fe, and took tons of pictures meaning to write up some amazing, rich multicultural curriculum...and later realized that i don't remember where the vast majority of the pieces came from, or even what they are (one mystery piece on right).

another thing that we both enjoyed was exploring the "bandelier national monument", although both agreed that it's lame to name cliff dwellings inhabited by native people for hundreds of years after the white man who stumbled upon them. the anasazi deserve more props than that...don't think i would have survived without the modern railings and paved paths that provided varying degrees of safe access (still hurt myself, of course). it was amazing to see the remnants of some of their artwork and carvings, and to witness the blackened ceilings charred from years of communal fires.

to the right is the river i fell into our first day camping. what can i say...i did it all for the shot--and somehow rescued my camera while ravaging my right knee. and to the left, the hot springs near jemez falls that are so charmingly not indicated by any road signs, at all. took some investigation, but an easy hike from the road and we were soaking in this blissfully steamy spring, chatting with locals about the most notable sights (and their earlier 4:30 am hot spring bender, featuring some all too familiar fluffy white flakes).

and now, it is back to reality time. i've got a few things on my plate before this june when i make the big move to portland, starving artist mecca of the world. haven't kept up much on my crafting the past few weeks...between vacation, work, and life, it has slipped through the cracks. my big project now is selling my car! (if you happen to have experience at this, please give me a jingle). but i'm hoping to be back on track sooner rather than later; 8 noble things goals officially extended through april.

happy spring everyone! :D

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