Tuesday, March 15, 2011

we found the light!

ah blessed sun! you've come back to us and i'm so grateful. it's so amazing to be out biking until 6:30 and still have you shining on my face. yay!

it was a fun weekend in chicago. found a diamond in the rough bar called all stars, amidst the overpriced and ridiculously overcrowded joints packed for st. patty's. talked music over cheap buckets of high life and irish car bombs. an all around great day.

i knitted 7 1/2 cozies this weekend! so, this qualifies as my fourth noble project--didn't spend a cent, and gave them away for free. cozy family picture above. keep a look out--these will soon be coming to an etsy page near you!

this downtown chicago building was a timely reminder that soon aidan and i will be off to new mexico for our next adventure. hoping for some fun among the clear skies and hot springs of the santa fe national forest! we're also going to check out the georgia o'keeffe museum, the folk art museum, and the pueblos. anyone else out there have suggestions for n.m. must sees? looking for some fun spots in albuquerque as well...

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  1. i would say for you and aidan to check out the White Sands National Monument, but it's about a 4.5 hour drive from Albuquerque. it's SOOO beautiful though.... maybe next time?

    also, we are lookin' pretty good in our cozy's! a great weekend indeed!