Sunday, April 10, 2011

oops i just arted.

i had lofty ambitions for this weekend. admittedly my to do list was far too long for me to even have a prayer at finishing it. i've been having trouble deciding how best to spend my time lately...job searching? writing curriculum? sorting through piles of junk? although i got to bits and pieces of all of those tasks, i have to admit, the more stressed i get, the more i want to retreat into the world of making things. so, i progressed on my meta chair project (above) now featuring a tiny korean tapestry. i also knitted a couple of cozies, began another meditation drawing (right) and also, started my favorite new noble project; a felted desert scene, soon to feature tiny embroidered cacti. i also somehow had time to finish a book; more accurately, graphic novel. called persepolis, by marjane satrapi. its a great look inside a progressive iranian family in the 70's and 80's, and how difficult it was (and i would guess, still is) to maintain independence in that environment. i've been feeling this pull to read more graphic novels lately...not just because they happen to be quick reads. i admire artists who are also amazing writers. after reading the maus series a few years ago i realized how compelling, and complex, and salient an illustrated story can be. the visuals add a whole other layer and interpretation to the story. someday when i have time, i think i'll make one. so if you have any suggestions for a good graphic read, please pass them my way.

it was so warm out today. BRING IT ON, spring! :D

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