Wednesday, April 20, 2011

adventures in fingerknitting

fingerweaving, fingerknitting. whatever you call it, i'm obsessed. while i was home this weekend my sisters and i were looking for, respectively, ways to: avoid boredom, avoid paper writing, and avoid rolling balls of yarn. fortunately i always have something up my sleeve when procrastination is on the agenda.

i found my inspiration from this tutorial through CRAFT. although i love the pictures i must admit it left me a bit confused as to how to complete what turns out is an exceedingly simple process. but after some experimentation and help from my sisters, we figured it out. above is one of the first bracelets we made out of an old t-shirt.

entonces, since this weekend i've been trying to figure out what in the heck i'm going to do with all of these long loopy tubes that i can't stop making. first i tried sewing my own ribbons (out of old bedsheets, hence noble thing #6!) and making a headband...which later turned into a choker when i realized that the ridiculously bulky renaissance look just doesn't suit me (or most likely anyone) very well.

then, i adventured further into that idea. necklaces. tiered necklaces, because that way i can make more of these and still use them all. the results are to the left, made with recycled tibetan prayer flag yarn (props, a-dizzle) and below, with some stuff i bought to make a fuzzy eggplant but then never did.

you've made these, right? people have learned this stuff, when they were like, 10. what did YOU do with it? i could sure use some new ideas (belts may be next on the agenda). in conclusion, where will the future of fingerweaving take me? who knows. all i know is i've hooked about 50 elementary school kids on it so far and i think they would agree that it is the COOLEST thing ever, in the entire world, that has ever existed.

the end.


  1. ive never learned.

    ive always wanted to make a sweet garland for the fireplace.
    [i need a fireplace..]

  2. i know! i can't believe i didn't pick it up in elementary school or something. i feel it's my duty to teach all of my kids.

    good call on the garland.

  3. I've never learned this either. But I love that double-strand choker!