Saturday, October 29, 2011


woah. finally back to it! it's been a busy couple months of moving my life and moving my classroom...getting to know my "friends" at school better, and also just getting my life in order. we moved into an adorable little blue house, pictured here. music nights, craft nights and family dinners with games abound! and we have some great cluckity friends pictured below: not sure of their names yet. one of them is popeye. but they all have alternative names as well, making things far too confusing. [not to mention i've been learning a TON of new names lately.]

so, its become evident lately that halloween is HUGE in this city. we went on a little blue house pumpkin carving extravaganza, results pictured here. i made the dinosaur pumpkin, inspired both by my students and a really awesome dinosaur plate that lives in our kitchen. [its my favorite]

i also made my first real halloween costume in a couple of years. inspired by animal of muppet fame. and it's made from all repurposed materials from SCRAP. seriously, it's my pride and joy:

the rainy season, i.e. the crafting season, has begun! i'm working on some cozy wear; hats, mitts, and slipper socks. for big people and little people alike. all of which i'll begin posting on here, and asking for feedback as i start my line! right now i'm in the midst of finishing this floppy hat, but i need some help. i cast off too soon, realized the brim wasn't long enough, cast back on and finished it. so now there is a little bumpy line going around the brim that i want to conceal with some sort of texture or accent. i was thinking about "baubles", like little knit balls, going around the whole thing were the bump is. but do you awesome, creative people have any other ideas? other things happening for my little shandai-la; i'm doing a giveaway of origami earrings and a knitted necklace through my friend diana's site: enter to win by Monday for some free jewelry!

one last thing. are you on ravelry? i am just getting started and i love it. i think it will really help me track my progress and take notes on what i'm making, so i can streamline the whole process. it's so user friendly too. and a great way to find other knitting friends. so if you're on, find me! or post your username below and i'll find you. i'm shandai.

thanks for reading, friends. happy halloween!

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