Saturday, July 2, 2011


wowie zowie! where do i even begin? since i do believe ye olde adage *pictures speak louder than words* applies well to this post, i'll catch you up on my new life adventures with some choice photos...

PROM 2011. all i'm saying is, you should have been there.

i caught some tournament action before departure. my sisters rock!!!

a little fun time at the state park and beach (sand hole)
[pre-government shut-down!!! lame. glad i got out when i did. i feel slightly less angry this way.]

my last meal in minneapolis. deeeeelicious home-made pizza, ala mary.
[so, the portland 'za scene is slightly lacking? yet to find the galactic pizza of my dreams...any suggestions?]

these are the girls i already miss!!! :(

post luggage debacle. who knew that amtrak was so uptight?
[brit is wearing my excess 2 lbs. worth of clothing...]

flood! we were the last train to get through...kind of put the luggage ridiculousness in perspective...

passin' the (41 hours worth of) time
[word to the wise: think twice before challenging the gilmans to this (as it turns out) very competitive game...]

chillin' at the oregon coast

you know. playing with chameleons and stuff.

my favorite place so far. i seriously could sit all day with this little dude at the portland japanese garden...

the most infamous doughnuts i've ever eaten. guess how long we waited in line for these?

yes. there are hyenas running around. everywhere.

our little garden [romero says: keep out foolz!]

el brewstand magnifico y el brewmaster ultimo

whew. and i'm out, ya'll!
[i promise i'll be back soon with: projects in the works, house pics, new friends, stories, hoop-ventures, jam-ventures, food-ventures, and other great highlights of this, my ultimate summer bikestravaganza! yay!]

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